General FAQ's

Q. I have lost my receipt!
Please either reprint your email confirmation, or alternatively log on to your account using your Username and password. You will then be able to see your order online. 

Q.How long does Lafayette Photography keep my images?
A. All our images are stored indefinitely, although you might only be able to view your images online for 12 months after they have been taken. Your image can be found using the unique customer reference number provided with each image.

Q. Who owns the copyright on my images?
A. Lafayette Photography Limited retains the copyright on all photographs taken and supplied. Photographs may not be copied, published or reproduced in any form without our written permission. Lafayette Photography Limited may sell the copyright for specific images to you under certain circumstances.

Q. Is it safe to give my credit details over the Internet?
A. All payments made on our website are secure. We accept all credit and debit cards, with the exception of American Express and Diners .

Q. How do I proof my photographs and select the ones I want?
A. If you have already purchased your photographs, log in to your account section of our website. To do this, select Login at the top right hand corner of our website and enter your details. If you haven't already paid for your photograph and wish to view an album to make your selection, please type in your album code at the bottom of the left hand side of our website.

Q. My order has been damaged during shipping 
A. Please contact us at info@lafayettephotography.com . Please quote your photo reference number so we can track your order.

Q What if I haven't heard from you 10 days after I've placed my order?
You should have received a receipt by email. If not please e-mail our Customer Services Department on info@lafayettephotography.com

Q If I need more photographs later on, can I still order them?
Yes, your images will be stored online for up to 12 months, and you can access your images and order reprints via your account area of this website. To access this please log on at the top right hand corner of our website. After this time, we may remove your images, but you can still contact us at info@lafayettephotography.com and we will be happy to help you.

Q. Will I get an email confirmation when I place my order online?
Yes. An email confirming your payment is sent to you and we also send an email confirmation of your order.




School FAQ's:


Q. If I have a query regarding my order do I contact the school or Lafayette Photography?
A. Please contact our customer services team at info@lafayettephotography.com


Q. Can I view my child's photograph online?
A. Yes, but only if your school has given permission for this service.

Graduation FAQ's


Q Do you need to know the date of my Graduation?
We will be at the University/College throughout the Graduation period. You can visit us at any time and will need to bring with you your e-mail receipt, if you have one. We will have our studios near the graduation venues and these will be well signposted.

Q Where are the studios located?
A We will be well signposted on the day. We will make sure there are signs from the gowning hall to our studios.

Q What times are the studios open?
A We start taking pictures as soon as the gowners have opened and we generally finish about an hour or so after the last ceremony of the day. If in doubt, please check with our Sales staff on the Sales Desk.

Q Do I have to book a time?
A No - but you can do at step 2 of the graduation hire process by selecting "specify photographer".  For a small additional charge this will allow you to book a specific sitting time, and therefore avoid queues.

Q What do I receive in the packs?
A Details of the packs can be viewed by going to step 3 of our online order process after selecting your respective University/College. All the mounts are silver blocked with your institution's name, apart from the 5 x 4 photographs.

Q. Can I split the packs?
A. The packs are designed to give you value for money for your pictures. For this reason we cannot split the packs. For instance, if you order family photographs you can't have two different poses or different groupings. If you would like more than one pose/grouping then you can order photographs of a different image taken at the graduation ceremony in your account section. To view this please log on at the top right hand corner of our website.

Q. How can I pay?
A.  You can order online using any VISA/MASTERCARD credit/debit card. On the day you can also pay by cash, cheque or credit/debit card, but please note we do not have facilities at our Sales Desk to accept American Express or Diners cards.

Q. How long will my photographs take to come?
A. They will be sent to you within 28 days of you choosing which photograph you would like, after proofing them in you account area of this website.To access this please log on at the top right hand corner of our website. You will be notified by email when your images are ready to be viewed. If you have not selected which picture you require after 7 days of the images being uploaded, we reserve the right to choose an image for you.

Q. Can I buy the negatives?
A. We use digital cameras for all our work, however, you can purchase your images in electronic format from our website.

Q. Can I purchase a CD on its own?
No. A CD of your image can only be purchased as an additional item.

Q. Do I have to order the Award Presentation Photograph before the ceremony?
A. No - where we offer this service, we attempt to take a photograph of everyone as they cross the stage and shake hands with the dignitaries, so you can still order after the event. Due to the nature of this particular photograph, we cannot guarantee the quality, but full refunds will be given if not satisfied.

Q. I have already paid, but cannot attend the ceremony now. Can I get a refund?
A.Yes, after your ceremony date contact us and we will supply a refund less a small administration charge if you were unable to attend the ceremony.

Q. A member of my family is disabled/cannot stand for long periods - what should I do about having my photographs taken?
A .Pre-order your photographs online if possible, and advise us of any difficulties you may have before the ceremony. On the day speak to one of our Sales staff who will be happy to assist you and advise you of what best to do and where to go.

Q. If my photographs are taken before my ceremony, I won’t have a certificate to hold in the photograph. Does this matter?
We supply dummy scrolls for photographic purposes.

Q. How long after my Graduation can I order photographs?
All images are kept indefinitely; your order can be placed at anytime as long as you retain your  reference number.

Q. What should I wear?

A. You should wear academic dress provided by your institutions appointed robemaker. If your university or college doesn't have a sole appointed robemaker, we would recommend you use Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd . This is because they provide excellent quality products, and this helps us get great shots. We would also suggest you look at the suggestions below regarding other clothing:

 Advice on what to wear, (non Oxbridge ceremonies)

White or plain coloured blouse, with buttons down front or a brooch - for the academic hood to attach to. Suit, skirt or trousers, whichever you prefer.
White or plain coloured long sleeved shirt, Tie - for the academic hood to go under. Suit, or jacket and trousers.


Advice on what to wear, (Oxbridge ceremonies)

  • A plain, long-sleeved, white shirt. Ideally with buttons down front of a suitable size for the academic hood to attach to (Both).
  • Black tie (Oxford only).
  • Black skirt or trousers (Oxford)
  •  A black, very dark grey or very dark blue suit. (Cambridge)
  • Black stockings or tights. (Oxford)
  • Unpatterned black, nearly-black, or natural coloured hosiery.(Cambridge)
  • Formal Black shoes (Both)
  • Dark coat (if desired (Oxford)).

    Bands are optional for women at Cambridge. They may only be worn with a properly collared white shirt.

  • Gentlemen:  
    • A black, very dark grey or very dark blue suit. The suit must be dark enough not to contrast obviously with a black gown
    • A plain, long-sleeved, white shirt.
    • Formal black shoes. Sandals are not permitted.
    • Unpatterned black (or alternatively at Cambridge only very dark grey socks).
    • White bow-tie
    • Bands (Cambridge only)




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